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10 reasons why you should adopt a cat or dog

1. You'll be saving a cat or dog from the rescue center and will be giving them a home.

2. You save a lot of money adopting instead of buying a pet.

3. Information about the animal's personality is already given to you.

4. You'll have an easier time finding pets who are housebroken or litter-trained when you adopt.

5. It has been shown to have positive effects on humans’ ability to cope with stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

6. It is most likely that they have already been spayed or neutered — it's even a requirement at some shelters.

7. If you want a range of animals of all ages to choose from, shelters are where you need to go.

8. If you love a certain breed of any animal, there are probably several waiting for you in shelters right now.

9. Pets can help you maintain an active lifestyle.

10. Shelter animals are often healthier than animals bought elsewhere.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The first reason is the most important because the animals in the shelter don't all go there because they have been an "issue", most come because of other reasons such as owners moving.

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